Ntrop007 cd / mp3

Here in Athens besides fiscal deficits we produce music as well.
EA series are showcasing the core of our label artists.
This third album is out now on cd / mp3 and includes new music, as well as a selection of already vinyl releases such as Felizol & The Boy : O.h.i.o, Lemos : Techeran , Bouqetoes : Braut von Korinth, Leon Segka Mosanto.
Over the years our music has be remixed and re-produced from artists like Deadbeat, Gavin Russom, Argy, we have a Sutekh work to Leon Segka's "Inside you".
Mary & The Boy and Broken Synths songs stands for the leftfield side of the album while Greek electro hero Savas Pascalidis, contributes to EA3 with an exclusive track.

Joalz band, participates with "falling together" ( feat. Olga Kouklaki) and Felizol's remix to their song "Sweeping range".

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JOALZ : Monkshood
Ntrop006 cd / mp3

Monkshood is the Joalz’s second album, recorded from 2007 till 2010
in Berlin, Athens and New York.
The Lp begins with Early where the Joalz co-work with Julia Kent,
the Anthony and the Johnsons’ chelist.
Sweeping Range which is the first single, manages to reach an
interesting breakthrough in indietonica and noise which results in
a remarkable approach to Krautrock’s rebirth; the vocals are by
the Canadian performer Sunday Luv.
When Case Study, Out of my Steam and Blind Date were initially
recorded to musically support George Drivas’ cinematic trilogy
'Social Software’ , they got distinction in international cinema festivals.
These tracks were later re-recorded for making Monkshood.
Based on a guitar rhythm ¾ and the abstract participation of a
Simmons drum machine, Bella Fu sets the borders in the outgoing
tendencies of the album.
In Cock , the Joalz meet Mary and the Boy and by keeping
Mary Tsoni’s voice they reconstruct the original track characterized
by their random? repetition and their claustrophobic guitaristic reefs.
The album concludes with Mesk , a 9- minute ambient song which was
recorded during the group’s appearance in DL festival in Berlin.

1. Early with Julia Kent
2. Sweeping Range feat Sunday
3. Case Study
4. Out Of My System
5. Bella Fu
6. Blind Date
7. Cock by Mary & The Boy [ Joalz interruption ]
8. Mesk

Greek Release date 14.03.2010 , The world 14.04.2010

Ntrop004 cd / mp3

The second release for our Electronic Athens series comes to enfocus at Wunderbar !
Wunderbar is located at Exarchia square and its known to be one of the most particular electronic music bars in the city
The album combines minimal & electronic techno produced from Greek artists living in London, Berlin, Cologne and Athens.

1. Novox : Rotor
2. Joalz : Dont Close Your Eyes ( Adaptor mix )
3. Scorpio : Vectogramm ( Siopis mix )
4. Adaptor : Electricity
5. Argy : A Rhino In A Glass Shop
6. Bengoa : Fcontrol
7. Savas Pascalidis : The Formula
8. Metope : Cpu Circus
9. Leon Segka : Inside You
10. Tuba : First Contact

JOALZ : Beyond Instincts
Ntrop002 cd / mp3

Debut release for Leon Segka's side project.
Ambient techno stylings with a distinct early 90's feel ,
warm strings sounds and solid beats
that lean towards dancefloor friendliness.
Think along the lines of some of the early R&S / React releases.
This kind of releases takes electronic music forward ( wired magazine )

1. Enhanced Species 2. Attached Theory 3. Joalzki, 4. Memento
5. Beyond Instincts 6. Environment 7. Its Weird Out There
8. Our Yellow Sun 9. Apollo Fear 10. Sapere Aude
11. Hear The Sky

Ntrop003 cd / dvd

Label compilation that features exclusive tracks from Greeks
International artists, dvd contains George Drivas video art for three
Joalz songs as they were presented in Trash Art Festival 2002

1. Joalz : Environment
2. Scorpio : Emotions Are Back
3. Leon Segka : Danger
4. Joalz : Dont Close Your Eyes
5. Joalz : Weird Out There
6. Scorpio : Lost In Cave
7. Delta Sites : Sunday Love
8. Joalz : Joalzki
9. Scorpio : Vectogramm
10. Leon Segka : Inside You
11. Siopis : One Step

1. Joalz : Joalzki
2. Joalz : Environment
3. Joalz : Trash Dreams